“ACBA LEASING” & BSC: The entire market will benefit from our cooperation


Recently a memorandum of strategic cooperation has been signed between “ACBA Leasing” and BSC Business Support Center. On this occasion Banks.am has interviewed Arsen Bazikyan, the CEO of “ACBA Leasing”, and Samvel Gevorgyan, managing partner of BSC.

- What functions the cooperation between “ACBA Leasing” and BSC Business Support Center is planned to make around, and what expectations do you have from it?


Samvel Gevorgyan – The cooperation started between two companies is unique with its format in Armenian market. Not only the sides who signed the memorandum will benefit from this cooperation, but also the whole consulting and leasing market including private companies, individual consumers, leasing companies, consulting companies and individual consultants.


Arsen Bazikyan - In the frames of the cooperation we intend to create a platform, where the introduction of leasing financial tool will be implemented by specialized consultants as well as leasing specialists, which will contribute to the raising of awareness about the tool and discovering new markets.


- How would you assess the level of awareness in the Armenian leasing market? What measures are you going to take to contribute to its improvement in B2B and B2C sectors?


Samvel Gevorgyan – The cooperation between BSC and “ACBA Leasing” has long-term and ambitious goals. Particularly, we plan to increase the level of awareness in the market about the leasing offers by several times through involving consulting companies and individual consultants in the process.


There are many gaps especially in the B2C market; this sector is the least informed about the leasing and its advantages. For instance, in Armenia individuals obtain cars with car loans in general, meanwhile in developed countries most of the deals are made by leasing taking into consideration all the advantages.


Arsen Bazikyan – Of course, the awareness in Armenia is on a very low level, and here there is a lot to complete not only for “ACBA Leasing” and BSC, but also for the government, NGO's and financial institutions. Raising the awareness level of the population only with advertisements is very time-consuming and less effective. You can make sure by exploring the leasing portfolio in Armenia, which costs 13 bln AMD, meanwhile by our assessment it should have been around 70 bln AMD.


We plan to reach the multiplier effect of the awareness by the models developed in the frames of the cooperation. If the process is implemented by the companies of different sectors, supplying organizations and various target groups, I believe, we will get the desired results. It’s essential for all the stakeholders to be interested in the success of this process.


- Does leasing consulting is applied in Armenia? How will the cooperation with “ACBA Leasing” contribute to the promotion of this kind of consulting?


Arsen Bazikyan – Since this day leasing consulting has been conducted in the office of “ACBA Leasing” or in the branches of “ACBA-Credit Agricole bank”. As it's known “leasing” as funding alternative is not circulated in the frames of consulting services, and working towards this issue is one of the main goals of our cooperation.


The cooperation became necessary during the projects carried in the frames of “Green Leasing”, “ACBA Leasing” sub-brand, particularly at the input of leasing in solar photovoltaic plants, which couldn’t be properly conducted without professional consulting and analysis.


One of the most essential preconditions for provision of effective consulting services is the possession of information about existing mechanisms in the market, which in its turn gives the opportunity to make right decision, proposing the best option to the consumer.


“ACBA Leasing”, being the first specialized leasing company registered in Armenia and the today's leasing market leader of Armenia, will become a trustful partner for BSC in provision of full information about financial tool and provision of consulting services at the high level greatly contributing to application and development of the respective experience.


Samvel Gevorgyan – In the framework of the cooperation BSC will present different leasing offers to its customers, which will successfully replace other means of loans and financing.


I find that leasing can successfully be implemented in business and investment programs developed with our support, making them more attractive for the investors due to tax advantages, flexibility, fast solutions of the problems oriented to the customers, and so forth.


We operate in different sectors – food industry, information technologies, tourism, services etc., where massive interest can be raised in leasing.


Besides, leasing is very suitable for the new created companies; start-up entrepreneurs are one of our main target groups.


We are going to include a separate section for “leasing” topic in the 4th edition of the book “How to start your own business in Armenia”.

- It comes that BSC will provide business development services to “ACBA leasing”. How will BSC benefit from the cooperation?


Samvel Gevorgyan – BSC will extend the network of leasing users through its customers. Interventions might be different for each customer, thus BSC will get paid by “ACBA Leasing” after making the deal.


We are going to offer leasing products to our customers. The solutions offered by “ACBA Leasing” are suitable for all the spheres.


Arsen Bazikyan - The commercial part of the cooperation does not only anticipate bonuses for customers and leasing contracts, but also certain partnership with supplier organizations and foundations.


Those customers who have a need in consulting for business management, improvement, market promotions, and organization of business processes, “ACBA Leasing” will direct to BSC.


- What joint programs are you planning to implement in the future? Do you consider new formats of cooperation?


Samvel Gevorgyan – Joint proposals will be presented by applying a range of formats (master-classes, conferences, round table debates, discussions, seminars etc.), which will be talked later more in detail. We plan joint marketing and informative activities, including through social media.


Training of leasing specialists is an essential part of the cooperation. BSC plans to organize training of leasing sector specialist in the frames of its Quick Start projects by involving the experts of “ACBA Leasing”. This initiative assumes a quick transition of students to labour market from university. The market of Armenia has a demand in leasing specialists, while the universities does not have a specialization in that.


We will not limit ourselves with the Armenian market, rather plan to present our experience and skills in the CIS countries, some of which have significantly low development levels in leasing.


The agreement signed between the two companies can have crucial role in the recovery of almost all market sectors of Armenia.


By Siranush Simonyan