BSC took part in the annual DigiTec Business Forum 2017

BSC initiated a discussion within the frameworks of DigiTech Business Forum 2017, which took place on June 9 at 12:00 to 14:00 pm at the Marriott Hotel. The topic of discussion was "Development of SME’s through IT solutions."

During the discussion the results of a brief study on SME’s using IT solutions conducted by BSC were presented after which one of the leading Armenian IT companies’- “Mer Soft” director Tigran Manukyan talked about business corporate memory and introduced some available IT tools for business management and automation. He also suggested and explained why appropriate IT solutions should be used since the first day of a company foundation.


After Tigran Manukyan’s speech, the representative of Nairian company- Sona Hovasapyan shared their success story speaking about IT solutions recommended by “Mer Soft” company and about the results they have achieved after using those. She briefly introduced Nairian company after which she talked about the problems they had until using “MerSoft” IT solutions. Sona Hovasapyan also presented the results, which Nairian company has achived after using “MerSoft” IT solutions.

Afterwards the representatives of Microsoft Armenia did a presentation on the topic “Increasing the efficiency of SME’s by Microsoft’s technologies”. For the beginning the director of Microsoft Armenia- Liana Korkotyan talked about the digitalization of business, introducing the changes and opportunities which were created along with the development of IT solutions. After her Armen Juharyan, one of Microsoft Armenia’s leading IT consultants, talked about the solutions of Microsoft for Small and Medium businesses.

After the main presentations the panel discussions was initiated featuring:


- “” co-founder Luiza Avetisyan who talked about the problems and opportunities of the field, as well as about identifying those problems, appropriate tools and resources. She also introduced the solutions which “” has to offer to Armenian SME’s.


- “Mer Soft” director Tigran Manukyan who in this part of the discussion talked about IT solutions available in the market as well as about specific issues which can be solved with those IT tools, about advantages and disadvantages.


- "Global AM" NGO’s president Gevorg Poghosyan who was mainly discussing investment opportunities within various programs and initiatives for startups. He also talked about the new platform- Business Network Angel, which is still in the development process and which will give even wider opportunities to Armenian startups.


- The world’s top 15 CrowdFunding experts- Narek Vardanyan who talked about CrowdFunding as a new way of attracting investments and the new opportunities of it in Armenia.

At the end of the discussion BSC presented its new platform of solutions for IT companies. It will give professional and business development opportunities to all Armenian IT companies regardless of their size and specialization. For more information please visit