Training courses for local workforce

The SME DNC of Armenia, “Armavir Development Center”,  “Spitak-Farmer”, “Syun”  NGOs  jointly with the European Union and Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development of RA in the frameworks  of the project “Boosting competitiveness of regional SMEs”   organize   training courses for  LOCAL WORKFORCE in Lori, Syunik and  Armavir regions of the RA on the following topics։


RA, Lori region, Vanadzor city, Alaverdi city

1.  Career Development

2.  Customer services and communication skills.


RA, Armavir region, Armavir city

1.  Career Development

2.  Customer services and communication skills.


RA, Syunik region, Goris city

1.  Career Development

2.  Customer services and communication skills.


By participating in the training courses the participants  will improve their career management capabilities and will acquire skills that will increase their motivation, management and leadership abilities and skills, ensuring professional self-assessment and contributing to their employability.

Job seekers from the tourism industry will acquire technology knowledge and relevant practical skills in customer service and hospitality management.



During the program the experienced professionals  will conduct the trainings in a highly interactive methods: group discussion, role plays, case studies.


The targeted areas of the project are   food processing and tourism.


Training duration: each course will last 9 hours, 2-3 days.


Schedule of trainings: courses will be launched from July 2018.



For registration, please contact:


Lori branch of SME DNC of Armenia or "Spitak-Farmer” Non-Governmental Organization

Adress: Lori region of RA,Vanadzorcity, 24/48 Tigran Mets str.

Tel.: +374 98 31 10 06; +374 322 2 13 70  



Armavir branch of SME DNC of Armenia or "Armavir Development Center" Social-Economic Non-Governmental Organization

Adress: Armavir region of RA, Armavir city, 68a Shahumyan str.

Tel.: +374 237 23034; +374 55 63 40 41, +374 22 10 05  



Syunik branch of SME DNC of Armenia or "Syun” Non-Governmental Organization

Adress: Syunik region of RA,2 Garegin Njhdeh, Sisian City

Tel.: +374 10 23-97-40; +374 98 31-10-05



The project “Boosting competitiveness of regional SMEs”  is implemented by the  fund “Small and Medium Entrepreneurship Development National Center of Armenia”, “Armavir Development Center”, “Strategic Development Agency”, “Spitak-Farmer”, “Syun”  NGOs. The overall objective of the Project is to boost competitiveness of regional SMEs and create sustainable employment opportunities in Lori, Syunik and Armavir regions/marzes of Armenia.