Greenhouse Construction Starts with a Guidebook

BSC Business Support Center and Small and Medium Enterprises Development National Center of Armenia (SME DNC) held a presentation on “Greenhouses: Construction, Utilization and Crop Cultivation Principles” guidebook.

The guidebook was developed and designed in cooperation with BSC and SME DNC within the framework of the USAID-funded Partnerships for Rural Prosperity (PRP) program.


BSC’s Managing Partner, Samvel Gevorgyan, had an opening speech stating: “We believe that new technologies and approaches introduced in this guidebook can have a vital impact on the sub-sector by improving agribusiness efficiency and profitability. During the recent period BSC has implemented a number of projects in the field of agriculture in all regions of Armenia. With regards to greenhouses, the geographical coverage of the projects includes Ararat, Tavush and Vayots Dzor regions.”

In the opinion of the SME DNC executive director, nowadays there is an active trend for greenhouse development in Armenia. This sub-sector is in the focus of SME DNC as it has the potential to develop the micro business. During the past five years, 64 greenhouses, in total 19 thousand square meters, were constructed with the support of the Center. The Center has provided 38 grants with a purpose to construct greenhouses. Mr. Petrosyan noticed that the SME DNC provides not only grants but also bank guarantees. In the upcoming year, as of January, it is planned to increase the grant funds by 5-7 million AMD.

This is the first Armenian guidebook, in similar publications, and according to the authors, it is designed to cover wide spectrum of readers. The first chapters of the guidebook tell about business establishment, as well as provide steps for greenhouse construction and information on technical and technological equipments.


In the meantime, the guidebook introduces list of vegetables that can be grown in greenhouse conditions. As a supplement, the guidebook includes appendixes where local companies and shop contact information is presented that provide greenhouse construction and utilization services.

The guidebook co-authors, agro-industry experts, Gevorg Michikyan and Gayane Martirosyan, delivered speeches during the presentation.



Karen Malkhasyan