Samvel Gevorgyan presented his new book «Your own business in Armenia»


The long-awaited presentation of Samvel Gevorgyan's "Your Own Business in Armenia" book took place on November 28. Hundreds of guests, including numerous partners, relatives and friends, were present at the event.



The author of the book Samvel Gevorgyan presented the history of the book and the path. General Director of "ACBA LEASING" Arsen Bazikyan and Director of “Doping Creative Advertising Agency” Hayk Simonyan also made speeches.


After purchasing the book, the participants also had the opportunity to get a signature by the author and wish notes for starting a business. The entrepreneurial atmosphere motivated to read the book and inspired to immediately start own business in Armenia.



The book "Your Own Business in Armenia" consists of 21 Chapters which are divided into 4 main parts,

Plan your business

Organize your business

Manage your business

Develop your business


The content and the chapters are structured in the way that it will be helpful to read those one after another and also if required return to those separate chapters which will be more interesting for the reader. The idea of the additional ​​22nd Chapter, which was written instead of the conclusion, is that the time has come to act, to self-organize and to start a business in Armenia.



This book was the first Armenian edition about own business, back in 2000. In the 4th, revised and updated edition, the whole business path is presented, starting from the idea and business model to reaching the peak of success.


The book provides more than 200 cases and stories of Armenian companies from such areas as IT, tourism, manufacturing, services, etc.. They make the essence of the book more substantial, practical, and constantly applicable.



The experience and knowledge of Samvel Gevorgyan on establishing own businesses and having success stories, add extra value to the book. The book is based on his 26-year experience in managing own business, providing business consulting to hundreds of companies, and conducting thousands of training sessions.



The 4th edition of “Your own business in Armenia” includes new tools, approaches, methods and formulas. There are 3 special signs highlighted in the book:

Advice by me

Think about it

Useful tool



The book is addressed to both beginner and already experienced entrepreneurs. It is useful for those students who are interested in university course “Entrepreneurship” and those professors who teach subjects related to Economics and Business. The book is also intended for international agencies, NGOs and government agencies that support SME development in Armenia.