The ''Quick Start'' project, ensuring the transition from university to labor market, has launched


Quick Start project organized by BSC Business Support Center, has been launched. It will develop and improve the knowledge and skills of new graduates and job seekers, in order they become more competitive and fit to labor market.



The unemployment rate growth among young people in our country became the biggest incentive for the project creation. New graduates can hardly find a job, and the reasons are various. This was a big signal for the project team.



This long-term project developed by BSC Business Support Center, by using various tools such as testing, trainings, master classes; aims to create a platform where job seekers will find their desirable job in a short time, and employers will minimize the resources spent on finding their desirable employees.



Together with employers the approaches and requirements about creation of workplaces, job description, required skills and capabilities will be clarified. In the fames of the project BSC will involve different governmental and non-governmental, international, non-profit organizations and companies, universities, as well as employers, in order to implement joint projects.


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